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 Vocalist and composer Claudia Villela talent for musical exploration knows no limits. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, she absorbed the sounds of Brasil all around her: Samba, Bossa Nova, Partido Alto, Choro, Baiao, Maracatu, as well as influences of music from all over the world, Jazz, from traditional to classical to avant garde.


 For Villela's, music is a spiritual exercise to be embraced openly and unpremeditated, a search for inspiration and spontaneity. Her compositions and vocal improvisations encompass the full range of human emotion, sometimes dramatic. sometimes humorous, but always fascinating.


Music alive bursting with flavors from Brazil's richest heritage of rhythms and moods. Claudia Villela's  performances, compositions and improvisations earned raving reviews from critics and spellbound sold out audiences all over. Both nostalgic and contemporary , her sensual music and performances transcends its language, exploding in creativity , intelligence and depth.

"Claudia Villela sings fire from the soul"  

Telluride Times


"Claudia Villela has long been a superior jazz singer...haunting voice, very wide range and an adventurous spirit."  

Los Angeles Jazz Scene


"  ...Pure Magic...   Soulful abandon,  floating on the brink of major stardom....only superior artists succeed at doing such things"


"The closest the jazz world is likely to ever come to a female Bobby Mc Ferrin, the Brazilian -born genius with a blistering voice."

Jazz Times


"... Remarkable, beautiful, towering voice..."

New York Times


"... The best Brazil has to offer."

Brazzil Magazine


"She is the greatest expression of Brazilian Music in the US today".

Helcio Milito, legendary Brazilian drummer


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